30 Days TV Show Challenge: 
Day 19 -
Best TV show cast


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O to the fucking T to the fucking P



i need the name of richard and kit’s henley supplier.

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  • Interviewer: One of the stories was a claim about a dance that you did, involving Diet Coke. Does that ring any bells?
  • Richard: [Laughter] There might have been a bit of that! I think it’s always funny that when we’re setting up for a scene and we’re in a forest, and you’re wearing fur and armor and there’s swords, and then you turn around and there’s someone off-camera drinking a can of Diet Coke. It seems, like, we’re doing a couple of commercials for Diet Coke. I find it very funny. And it’s not easy lifting up a can of Coke when you have these heavy cloaks.
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“Under the Northern star
We she’d our blood.
With the call of a battle horn.
We raise our swords.
Behind the fields of blood, 
There’s a haven for us.
Deep in the woods of the North, 
Rises the Heathen Throne”


Godric x Rowena / modern A.U: Let’s pretend your face is not that familiar

“Who the hell are you?”
“This… question brings many different answers. I would simply say Godric.”
“Godric? This name seems so…”
“… celtic.”
” ‘ic’ in celtic means ‘water’.”
“Then, should I call you Godr-water? It sounds like a bad brand of sanitary pad.”
“Thank you. And your name is?”
“Rowena. For my friends it’s just Ro’.”
“So Ro’, if you don’t…”
“My friends! You’re not part of my friends.”
“With this pleasant personality I’m sure you have plenty. And I will call you Ro’. One day. I know I will.”