Game Of Thrones star Pedro Pascal has admitted he was ‘really excited and a little intimidated’ having landed the part of Oberyn Martell, the sexiest man in Westeros since Robb Stark.
Or how some magazine editors totally have their facts straight. [x] (via thelovelyrichardmadden)


30 Days TV Show Challenge: 
Day 19 -
Best TV show cast


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O to the fucking T to the fucking P



i need the name of richard and kit’s henley supplier.

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  • Interviewer: One of the stories was a claim about a dance that you did, involving Diet Coke. Does that ring any bells?
  • Richard: [Laughter] There might have been a bit of that! I think it’s always funny that when we’re setting up for a scene and we’re in a forest, and you’re wearing fur and armor and there’s swords, and then you turn around and there’s someone off-camera drinking a can of Diet Coke. It seems, like, we’re doing a couple of commercials for Diet Coke. I find it very funny. And it’s not easy lifting up a can of Coke when you have these heavy cloaks.
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“Under the Northern star
We she’d our blood.
With the call of a battle horn.
We raise our swords.
Behind the fields of blood, 
There’s a haven for us.
Deep in the woods of the North, 
Rises the Heathen Throne”